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  • Car rental in Spain

    Renting a car in Spain is a very popular choice for holidaymakers, over 12 million brits visit Spain each year and it’s estimated that around a third of them will choose to rent a car as a means of transport during their break; and it’s easy to see why when much of Spain is rural and disconnected from public transport such as metro lines and trams.Renting and driving a car in a foreign country can be a very daunting thought for some, but it really shouldn’t be, after all, the larger part of Spanish roads are in very good condition and are all signposted very well, helping you find your destination much easier.Requirements [Read More]

  • Why You Should Really Buy Car Hire Excess Insurance

    When you hire a car, wherever you are in the world, you will usually need some kind of excess insurance. As standard, car rental companies will normally include high excess levels in the policy, for example £500 or even higher. This means that if you have an accident and damage the car, you will have to pay that amount upfront, with the car hire company paying the rest. This could end up very costly, making excess insurance invaluable. However, the insurance that is offered by the car rental company if often very expensive, and can leave out certain parts of the car or even only minimally lower the excess.It is important to research [Read More]

  • How to hire a car with the new UK Driving Licence changes

    By now, you’re probably used to being told to bring both parts of your driving licence to a service or an MOT, it's been a normal procedure for decades; but as of the 8th of June 2015, the paper counterpart is no longer needed.Getting rid of the paper counterpart comes shortly after the DVLA decided to get rid of the tax discs and both abolishments are thought to be in an effort to cut costs (an estimated £8 million after 450,000 counterparts were replaced last year) and merge everything into a much simpler, online digitised system.So what is going to replace the counterpart? Shall I get rid of the counterpart?There [Read More]